Incentive Travel

A Sonburst incentive travel experience will create memories and excitement for your top performers.

Rewarding and recognizing top performers, generous donors and potential prospects is a critical part of your business growth. You want attendees to develop memories that will last a lifetime and etch your brand in their memory, so why not give them an experience that they’ll never forget? Sonburst can help.

We Do It All
Sonburst can help coordinate every detail of your incentive trip:

  • Eye-catching invitations to engage your guests
  • Site research and selection
  • Contract negotiations
  • Registration website
  • Program development
  • All travel arrangements
  • Themes and decor
  • Activities coordination
  • Vendor management
  • Onsite event staff
  • Promotional messages
  • Amenity gifts and branded items

Memorable Quality
You polish your brand every day to ensure it shines with quality. Sonburst knows the importance of this image, especially at these milestones in your company history. Quality and Wow Factor are part of every step of our planning and execution. This attention to detail sets us apart.

ROI Requires Flexibility
Budget Management is a key motivator for Sonburst’s innovative incentive trip execution. Our goal is to become a trusted source for your incentive business, so we provide realistic budget estimates and plans that will help you evaluate your ROI from the start and hit the target. In the months preceding the trip things can change, so flexibility is an essential part of our model .

Out of the Box Not From the Box
Our exclusive, global connections and years of experience give us the unique ability to create a custom, branded experience for your travelers.  Many incentive companies re-run the same trips over and over, which makes them money but is not best  for the client. Each of our projects  is started with a clean piece of paper, allowing us to dream with your vision and produce on-budget, over-the-top results.

Scalable No Matter the Size
We are completely scalable for any size of group with the mandate of giving a personal experience to each and every individual on the trip.  From the initial notification, to the moment they return to their home, your company’s touch will be in every step.

We have amazing technology that collects registration data from each participant down to the smallest detail. Collection of this data will provide  that fantastic personal touch that makes everyone feel at ease and taken care of; solidifying a memorable experience.

We Handle the Details So You Don’t Have To
There are thousands of details to be addressed throughout the planning, evaluation, locking down, and execution of an incentive trip. You will develop a trust with Sonburst that allows you to make the decisions that are important to you and the rest will be managed by us. Our experience has trained us in the best practices  of a complete trip experience.  So that is where our value lies  It is in giving you the control you need, while allowing you to concentrate on engaging with your valued guests and enjoying the experience yourself along the way.

We would appreciate the opportunity to discover how we could work with you and the value partnering with Sonburst Communication would bring.  Please use the form on the Contact Us page or give us a call at (402) 333-7620.

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