About Us

Sonburst Communication is an event planning and video production company based in Omaha, Nebraska that has been creating high-end presentations for over 15 years. Our company has been built through consistency of excellence in service, creativity, and ability to deliver. Our clients range from global corporations, to start ups, to non-profits. This diversity allows us a unique perspective into how we can tailor each production to you; our client.

What Sets Sonburst Apart

Creative Ability

The primary strength we have to offer our clients is first and foremost; our creative ability.  Communication is truly an art form.  Not only can we make production elements look phenomenal, but we are creative in how we utilize them to clearly and concisely communicate a message.  Utilizing state-of-the-art multimedia technology, Sonburst Communication creates presentations that not only stand out for their look and creativity, but are communicated in a way in which the content is memorable to the audience.

Attention To Detail

It’s long been our belief that many companies can create a good project.  However, we believe that to make something truly great, it’s the little things that separate good from great.  Our focus and experience on corporate meetings allows us to identify the details and to look for line items that may not have been addressed.  Experience is our guide.  We haven’t seen it all, but we’ve seen a lot.  And we apply that knowledge to every meeting we run.

Our Flexibility

No meeting runs completely as scripted.  However, the audience doesn’t have to know that.  Our team has the knowledge, and is nimble and creative enough to adjust to nearly any circumstance.  But this is not to say that we easily agree to any change anytime.  Obviously the customer is right, but, if we feel a last minute change will potentially cause technical difficulty in a show, it’s our responsibility to be very vocal in explaining potential pitfalls.

The quality of our work, and the service we provide, have earned us the respect and trust of many nationally recognized brands and organizations. Teamwork is the driving force behind the success of the projects we work on. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business!

From Concept To Completion

Over the years, we’ve used experience to fine-tune our planning and strategy process, which we call “From Concept to Completion”. We’ll be the copilots of your event, and help you navigate the voyage every step of the way. Whether it’s giving direction, warning of wrong turns, or executing all tasks required for a successful event, you can count on the Sonburst team from start to finish.